Out of the 16,586 people groups by country there is approximately 7,162 still considered to be unreached and or unengaged. This is because of many reasons - location, language, restriction and or persecution but the most obvious reason is that people are not going long-term as well as specifically to unreached people groups. A study done at Gordon Conwell estimates that the United States has over 800 million evangelicals, giving all together $5.4 trillion dollars annually, 116,000 believers per one unreached people group and a startling 900 churches per unreached people group. As much as we want to say location, language, restriction and persecution we fail to see that the plain and simple truth is that we just are not going.

​Our goal, in MOBILIZE your CHURCH is so that while we are still here we can make solid partnerships with solid churches. We desire to provide your church with an opportunity to hear and see the task that still remains and provide a biblical basis for why we all need to be a part of God's global mission of reaching those unreached people groups who have not yet heard of Jesus Christ.

Given these numbers and the overall task that still remains to be accomplish among all nations we have a deep desire to see churches and individuals engage this task that is left to be accomplished. We would love to speak with your church about the task that remains as well as how each individual can personally be a part of and involved in seeing the remaining unreached people groups finally hear the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ.