Ministry Training Center - MTC

•Culture and Language Training: Phonetics, culture and language methodology, animism, grammar, semantics and translation.

Culture and Language Training is how we will learn to effectively master a language that is undocumented, create a written alphabet for their spoken language and establish a literacy program so that they can read, write and clearly understand the Word of God for the first time in the language.

•Christian Development: Foundational Bible teaching, teamwork, stewardship of life and resources, discipleship, effective parenting and conflict resolution.

Christian Development is for the individual, the couple, the family and by extension the whole team who will be working together in a specific location and tribe. The Jungle does not lend itself to a stress-free environment therefore we will learn how to effectively manage ourselves, our families and our co-laboring relationships while in a tribe.

•Context Courses: Missionary health and wellness, missionary technology, safety, learning styles and communication skills.

Context Courses are essentially how to survive in a jungle environment. We will learn what it will take to not only survive but be sustained living among a tribe for years to come. Understanding the in's and out's of house building, medicine, plumbing, solar paneling and the how to's of doing all that with a team mentality.

•Church Establishment: Worldview, New Testament Church principles, practical ministry skills, folk religions, curriculum development, evangelism and a mature church model.

Church Establishment is the necessary course that will give us a grid to understand not only an animistic culture but how to navigate them through the Gospel to clearly share with all of them, practically teach new believers and rightly train men for the responsibility of eldership for the future of those new members of the Church.