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Keeping It Real

Tonight I lied in bed and before I knew it my mind had wondered off into what I like to call a "fear spiral." I’m sure you have experienced one of these before. You are innocently lying down, resting your eyes, thinking about chocolate ice cream or what not and before you know it your brain is spiraling out of control and you are 10 minutes into a horrific nightmare trying to figure a way out of the futuristic log that collapsed on your leg. Please tell me I’m not the only weirdo whose brain does this??

As exciting as this time of planning and preparing to move into a tribe is, lets be real, it’s also a heavy time. For years we have planned and prepared for this very moment and now its here. The 15 + years of work among an unreached people group is about to begin. The isolation of being in the middle of the jungle, the grueling hours of language learning, literacy, bible translation, raising up a church, its about to start.

Tonight I laid in bed and felt my mind starting to wander towards fear for all thats ahead. I then remembered a quote from John Piper that said, “ A fearless woman doesn’t frantically fret about the future, she laughs, loves and hopes in her God.” I’ve read proverbs 31 many times but this time the reality of her disposition of laughing at the future sank in. I sat for a long time in bed thinking, “How do I laugh at the future?” The future felt anything but funny to me.

And then, like always the Lord came and comforted me with this thought.

Right now at this very moment there is a woman in a tribe most likely fighting the same sort of fear. She may be lying in a hut, her fire going, surrounded by her children and terrified of the future. The spirits her ancestors have long told her about fill her mind with all sorts of worry and burden. She’s most likely running through the days events worrying if she appeased the sprits enough and if not what bad illness or burden will hit her family next. She has no hope and her future is filled with the same fear her present is. She has no truth to set her free from those fears. Those fears and worries are chains that she will never be released from until the moment the Gospel enters her life.

I can’t imagine not being comforted from my fear and not having the hope and life that Jesus gives me. I can’t imagine not being free from my sin and experiencing freedom from guilt and shame. I can’t imagine being an enemy of God, being against the one true creator. And yet at one time in my life I was. I was in darkness and fear held tight to me until the Lord revealed His grace to me and for the first time I heard and understood what Jesus did on the cross. I understood his sacrifice and the gift it is to me. David too remembers the fear and worry that surrounded him before Jesus became everything to him. He remembers when what felt like 100’s of seeds that had been sown over his younger years burst forth in his heart and finally he saw his sin for what it was and he saw Jesus for who He is.

And that is why we are here. What better way to spend our lives then to share that gift with someone else who won't hear it unless someone goes to that tribe and learns their language. Sharing this good news is worth everything it takes to do it. Its worth the long grueling hours, its worth the isolation, its worth not seeing family and friends, its all worth it for God to be made much of and for His lost sheep to come home.

The Lord is so good. He's got this. We can laugh at the future because we can trust in an almighty God that is bigger than anything that may be ahead of us. I hope this truth is an encouragement to you as it was to me.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Continue to pray for us in this season of choosing a tribe to allocate into. Pray for the Lord to begin working among the people there. Pray that He will be made much of in all that we do.

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