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Patient Hands

When Calvin was a toddler he use to stand in front of the fridge and beg for food. If I opened the fridge to give him a snack he would start grabbing for anything he wanted and before you knew it blueberries were all over the floor and the orange juice was next. Even though he saw me getting the blueberries and the juice he just couldn’t wait and he didn’t trust I could do it fast enough or good enough. It was at this time that we started teaching him “patient hands.” Patient hands means that whenever you ask for something you are not allowed to grab at it and whine. We taught him to put his hands together and wait patiently until it was given to him. No whining, no complaining just patience.

Right now the Lord is teaching David and I patient hands.

Somedays I feel like I am standing in front of the Lord begging and whining for answers and He gently touches my hands, puts them together and asks me to be patient and trust Him. Trust that He will provide and trust that He knows exactly what I need. For whatever reason the Lord has us here for now and He has us waiting.

The other day David and I were eating breakfast wondering what the Lord has in store, wondering what is next. Then we thought about how much God must love us to go through all this just to allow us to trust, know, love and worship Him more. Because we know that is what its is all about, its about Him. Everything God allows and does is for His glory. Our hearts desire is to GO SHARE and BUILD but what if for a couple months God wants us to STAY WAIT and TRUST? Can we do that with joyful hearts as well? By His grace we can and all the while having patient hands.

"But for you, Oh Lord, do I wait: it is you, Oh Lord my God, who will answer."

Psalm 38:15

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