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Where am I Moments

Sometimes I forget that I’m not in the states anymore, that PNG is not the normal for us and that just four months ago I was driving to Starbucks, browsing Target and sleeping in a nice air conditioned home. Four months ago I wasn’t battling ants in my food, being startled by cockroaches and the only time I was sweating was after working out. A lot has changed and life is very different from what I have been use to for the last 28 years. Sometimes I have moments here in Papua New Guinea where I think to myself, “Where the heck am I?” Here are a few of those moments from the last month.

This morning I washed my clothes and after I hung them all up I noticed something flying in the air and landing on my clothes, it was trash from the neighbors fire.

When I got to the village Bacholine was playing with a big beetle tied to a string that she called a plane.

I collected fire wood and carried it on my head.

I watched kids climb coconut trees that were three stories high. I withheld the desire to stand underneath with arms open ready to catch them.

At the market I was trying to say that Louise was sleepy but instead I said she was skinless.

I woke my husband up at 1:30 in the morning to kill a few cockroaches in the bathroom so I could pee in peace.

I went pee in a small hut with a hole in the ground. I made the mistake and looked around and saw a spider the size of my hand. I peed faster after that.

I saw four toucans and I felt like that was a major life accomplishment.

I walked in a swamp, sat down on some palm leafs, was handed a machete and cut some sago palm tree into tiny pieces.

Fly’s were eating my bug bits so I grabbed a leaf and some vine and made myself a band aid.

I was extremly thirsty and instead of wanting water I was really craving a coconut.

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