Q & A

Here are a few of the most asked questions answered just for YOU!

Q: When are you leaving?

A: We are set to leave at the end of July! We are currently in the process of getting all our visa paperwork together and once that is finished we will be able to purchase our tickets! Hooray!

Q: Where are you staying for the rest of your time in the states?

A: We are currently living in CBU (California Baptist University) missionary housing and will be here until mid May! In May we will head back to Bakersfield to spend the last couple of months with our families!

Q: What is the first thing you do once you get to PNG?

A: When we arrive in PNG we will first be living in Madang, Papua New Guinea for orientation! We will be there for about 6 months as we begin to learn the trade language of PNG while also spending time getting acclimated to PNG culture.

Q: Where do you go after the 6 month orientation in Madang?

A: After our 6 month orientation we will then head to Wewak, Papua New Guinea in the Sepik region. Once there we will begin looking for a tribe to move into and preparing for allocation into that tribe. We will be at this location most likely for around 6 months.


(10 points if you can find the cities and region I talked about!)

Q: Are you moving into the tribe alone?

A: No. We will be moving into a tribe with two other family/single units! And praise the Lord we already have one family that we are partnering with, Nathan and Rachel Mueller! We met Nathan and Rachel at training and have been so encouraged by their love for Jesus and their desire to make Him famous in Papua New Guinea! We have been praying for partners for over two years and feel overwhelming joy at how the Lord has so graciously provided a family for us! We are still praying for another family to join us in the tribe, but we are confident the Lord will provide like He always has! (You should go check out Rachel’s blog! www.nrmuellerlife.blogspot.com )


Q: So what are you doing up until the big move?

A: Better question is what AREN’T we doing?! Trying to move your family overseas into a jungle in a matter of 6 months is what we like to call crazy! There is a lot of paperwork to be done in order for us to get there and we are currently working hard at getting all of that together! If you read my last blog post it had a great explanation of what we are currently doing in preparing to head overseas!

Q: How are the kids adjusting?

A: Ok, really, we can not believe how well the kids are adjusting. Louise is pretty much clueless as she is only a year old but Calvin has just been such a trooper! We have packed up the car a few times to go out of town and each time he asks, “Are we going to Papua New Guinea now?!” This warms our hearts as it is comforting to know he understands that change is happening soon. We are continuing to pray for his adjustment to PNG and that he will love getting to serve along side of Daddy and Mommy.


Q: How can we pray?

A: We would LOVE your prayers! We are currently raising the last bit of monthly support to be at 100% before getting to the field, and God has been abundantly gracious in getting us close to being done! We are also raising a launch fund in order to pay for up-front costs, house-building materials, allocation costs and tools! We will have a few BBQ’s this spring and summer for these one-time gifts and are so excited to see the Lord provide as He always does!

I hope I was able to answer any quesitons you might have had and if you have any other questions that I didn't answer, PLEASE never hesitate to call, email or text us! We are thankful for your partnership in this task! Our faith is daily strengthened by the encouragment, love and support from our brothers and sisters in Chirst.

Until all hear