Simple Living

Well let’s just say this class was anything but what the name says! Simple living is in fact NOT simple! It is time consuming, tedious, hard work, inconvenient, and did I mention time consuming?? During this two-week course we were not allowed to use our electricity from 8pm-7am, could only cook from scratch, could not use our car, any appliances or any type of technology. Once during the two week course we randomly got a note posted on our door that said we couldn’t use water for 24 hours! This meant going down to the wash house to get water to take back up to our house for flushing the toilets, doing dishes and taking showers! Another day we got a letter on our door saying that we were unable to use electricity for 48 hours! We had several other simple living classes such as cooking from scratch, plumbing, house building and more. The class was great at getting our minds to think about the lifestyle we are moving to and the extra work that will be involved in living in a tribal setting.


Dave carrying up water from the wash house. Supposedly an ice chest full of water is heavy;)


Doing dishes from an igloo;)


Learning how to make homemade tortillas!


Knot tying class


The guys got a little into the homemade lemonaide making in scratch cooking class!


No blowdryer? No problem!