Outdoor living

This semester has been a whirlwind of training and its hard to believe that in just one short month we will be graduating and preparing to set off on our next stop, Papua New Guinea. The last couple months of training have been super beneficial and exteremly practical. Describing the courses here is hard because I feel like I can never quite do them justice but Im going to try my hardest to give you a small glimpse at several different classes we have had this semester.

I grew up with three older brothers and a very outdoorsy father. You would think that some of that would of rubbed off on me but no, sad to say the older I get the girlier I get. Our outdoor living course was 4 days and 3 nights of living … you guessed it…outdoors. In preparation for this class we were given training in shelter building, knot tying, navigation and safety. When it was time to head out our team was given coordinates to our campsite as well as coordinates to a few tarps to pick up along the way. Once at our campsite we began to build a shelter from the tarps we gathered and by using the knots we learned from class and when I say we I mean David. I was there for moral support but after 6 years of marriage and plenty of camping I know my place when it comes to setting up the tent;)

We had several classes over the few days we were there including how to use a chainsaw, how to set up a water pump using car batteries (only one battery was killed in the making of the water pump) how to sharpen knives, how to fix a motor, fire starting, navigation, and how to murder a chicken and then cut it up into little tiny edible pieces (gag!) All of this training was so beneficial and useful! We felt like we walked away from those two weeks with such a better understanding of the difficult living that is ahead and a few extra skills under our belt.

One of the best parts of this outdoor class was the 3.5 hour hike we went on to find our food for the night. The hike was an incorporation of all the practical skills we have learned thus far in training all rolled into one. We used a compass to find our first location, met up with a tribal friend along the way to get more coordinates, found an “injured” person on the trail and had to dress the wound and make a stretcher to carry her out on. We also came across a border crossing and had to start a fire to melt two frozen blocks of ice that had our final coordinates inside. Calvin and Louise did the whole 3.5 hour hike and were great! David and I were so impressed with Calvin. When we came upon the injured girl he was right there in front wanting to help, at the border crossing he was quite and obedient and during the hike he would pull back branches so that I could get through without stumbling! His passion for life, gentle spirit and loving heart amazes us daily.


Loaded up and heading out on our big outdoor adventure!


I was really proud of us for how light we packed! 4 people, 4 days 1 BAG!


Our team heading out to find our campsite!


Little Lou just chillin


Calvin loved this trip right from the start!


I was so impressed with Dave and how he made our little site feel like home with our own fire pit and bench!


Our Tee-pee home!


Calvin and his homemade bow and arrow!


Daisy hanging out with Louise


Besides the fact that she barely slept and woke up almost every hour she was still precious as can be!


Our little woodsmen


Us girls hanging out in our home


Using a compass and a map is a lot harder than I thought!


Very pregnant Sara helping her Hubs with navigation!


Splinting Aubrey's "injured" leg


Melting ice to find our next coordinates!


Calvin and his buds! These boys are a few years older than Calvin but they are so sweet to always play ninjas with him. Calvin loves Kaine and Urim!


Nathen, Dave and Craig having their few last moments of bonding with their chickens before they kill them.


Aaron teaching us how to de-skin a chicken


Me trying not to puke as I cut the chicken legs off.


Look, a chicken breast!


Our team! What a joy it was to spend this bit of training with these amazing people! Love them all to the moon and back!

We have one more month here of training before graduation. We cannot beleive how fast this year and a half has gone by! Our hearts are excited to know that we are one step closer to PNG!