Summer Break


It is mind boggling to think that we have already spent two months here in California and that in two days we will be flying back to finish up our last bit of training with New Tribes Mission.

Our time spent here has been packed and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. What a blessing and encouragement it has been to meet up with family, friends and new partners who want to join along with us in our endeavor to see Christ made known where He currently is not.

It didn’t take long before California started feeling like normalcy again and MTC began to feel like a dream we had two nights ago. The other night I was sick in bed with a high fever. I sent a text to my friend Tiffany who only lives a couple streets over telling her that I was getting sick. As soon as I said the words, “Im sick” she began making me the largest batch of bone broth chicken noodle soup I’ve ever seen and brought over all her essential oils with instructions on what to do. Its instances like these that make leaving so difficult. Serving the Lord overseas is my hearts desire but leaving friends and family is against everything my relationship driven heart thrives on.

I was thinking about this as I went to bed that night and this is what came to my mind.

I remember back when I use to run cross country in high school and we would be doing our 10 mile runs in the killer Bakersfield heat. Mid way through we would usually stop for a water break for our overly heated bodies to cool off. The moment I stopped I felt relief. I enjoyed letting my muscles take a breather from the wear and tear of those hills and heat but I always knew in the back of my mind that I couldn’t rest long. The longer I stopped the harder it would be to start again. Those first few steps were always the hardest but once I got going finishing was all I could think about.

In the same way I have absolutely loved this short but sweet summer break. Being with family and friends has been comparable to that cold water I would get on those hot summer runs, refreshing to my soul. But now the break is nearing to its end and I know I can’t get too comfortable. I can’t let my mind wander to sadness or worry about packing up and saying goodbye again. The first few steps to leaving will be difficult but I have to keep reminding myself of the end goal and that is to make much of Christ.

With this in mind we look forward to heading back to MTC and finishing our last bit of training strong. This semester is jam packed with classes on how to learn culture and language, practical survival skills and other classes that are bound to help aid us in advancing the gospel among the unreached peoples of Papua New Guinea.