Gods Grace and Ladybugs

A few weeks ago our apartment was infiltrated by… wait for it… ladybugs. I know the travesty! Now for most of you this wouldn’t be a big deal but for me it was. I don’t like bugs. Even the oh so cute ladybug that almost every little girl dresses up like on Halloween. Yes the bright red ones that have those cute little black polka dots on them. I see past all that and I know what they really are, insects. Anyways back to the ladybug infiltration… After I put Calvin down for his nap I went downstairs and I noticed a ladybug on the inside of our window. “Oh how cute a little ladybug snuck in here, that’s odd,” I thought to myself. (I try to pretend that bugs are not gross at all, a little reverse phycology for ya there, sometimes it works most of the time it doesn’t) Within the next few minutes the house began to become filled with ladybugs. They were crawling in through the door jam and somehow through the window jam (is window jam a thing?) I looked out the window and it was like the ladybug plague as they floated around our front door. At first I tried to be kind to the little things but then it was an all out war trying to squish as many ladybugs as possible before they got lost in the house. God forbid a ladybug sneak up on me while I’m relaxing on the couch. As I was preparing for ladybug battle I started laughing. It was then that I started to thank Jesus. Oh man is He so gracious or what? You see, God is quite aware of the fact that I am not fond of His insect creation, so much so that years ago I use to tell myself that was a reason why the Lord couldn’t possibly be calling me overseas. In my mind if you wanted to be a missionary you had to be BFF’s with Steve Irwin and love creepy crawlers. Don’t get me wrong I love Steve Irwin but bugs are another story. I began to see that God was being gracious to prepare me with ladybugs infiltrating my house because someday soon I am quite positive there will be spiders, centipedes, lizards and maybe snakes, quite possibly rats, and other hideous creature lingering around our tribal home. God was preparing me, giving me baby steps if you will, at being patient when nature invades my personal bubble. After I had this epiphany of the fact the God was indeed being gracious to me I began to smile as I continued to squish all the ladybugs in my living room. Thank you Lord for your grace in every situation. Thank you for being so patient with my fears. I see your grace and I see your love for me in letting those pesky little ladybugs flutter into our home. I still don’t think I’m ready for the bigger bugs but I trust that when that time comes your grace will still be ever present. Until all hear, Emily