Papua New Guinea

​Papua New Guinea has a greater density of languages than any other nation on earth. It has over 855 indigenous languages that are all completely distinct from one anot​her which comprise 11.86% of the world's languages. Papua New Guinea still holds hundreds of people groups with languages that have not yet had the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their own language.

The overall task in Papua New Guinea is an urgent one. These remaining people groups are isolated because of their undocumented language and are also unengaged because of the dense jungle environment in which they are enclosed. Unengaged means that the whole tribe consists of people who have never heard nor will they ever be able to hear about Jesus unless someone goes to them, lives among them to learn their language and teaches them how to read and write their language. We must learn and teach them their language  in order for them to read the Bible, hear its teaching and understand clearly for the first time in their history the good news that God has sent His son Jesus Christ to the earth for the salvation of sinners.

What remains for this kind of task to be accomplished is going to take a significant amount of time, energy, support and sacrifice from everyone involved.