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the MALIYALI people

Living on a mountain range in one of the densest forests in the world, the Maliyali people, like hundreds of tribal groups in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, have a language that is completely unique to their location and culture. Their origins are somewhat unknown but they have been living sustainably, carrying out their ancestral practices in one of the deepest parts of the Papua New Guinean jungles, unnoticed and untouched by the outside world. Their language and way of life have been persevered and unhindered by the pressures of external influence.

After completing two initial surveys into Maliyali proper, the Mueller family as well as the Rimestad family decided to move into Maliyali, make it their home, and begin the first stage of church planting: learning the Maliyali language and culture. 

Maliyali proper (where the Mueller’s and Rimestad’s houses were built) is around 200 men, women and children. Maliyali general is made up of many villages with different location names and roughly a few thousand men, women and children spread across numerous mountain ranges. The overall ministry vision to seeing a thriving church in Maliyali proper and multiplying churches among the people of Maliyali general is a work that will take years of investment and endurance. 

"What our ancestors have told us has been like leaves instead of food. For years we have been eating the leaves of the pineapple and now our mouths are cut up and bleeding. We want to eat its meat. Help us to eat the truth."

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